Shell shock?

So, we have bought a ‘new’ house and started a blog – one is a fairly comfortable experience and the other is, frankly, baffling. We’ll let you all be the judge of which one is the challenge as we go along. We hope you keep following so that your curiosity can be satisfied.

Chris and I have bought a slightly down at heel property in a small town in North Lincolnshire with the sole intention of ‘doing it up’ and living in it – fair enough, you might think. Full of enthusiasm and with a reasonable amount of money burning a hole in our combined pockets we started researching new kitchens, furniture and other ‘necessities’ – it is always exciting to go window shopping (but to be fair these were low on our list of priorities!); when there was a Eureka moment. Why not combine Chris’s pet ‘Heath Robinson-like’ talents with my passion for ‘make do and mend’ and charity shop finds – “let’s go green”.

At this point we could envision a beautiful, comfortable home, filled with recycled, upcycled, secondhand and ecologically sound investments – a green heritage home for our world and for our grandchildren; well, let’s admit it this could also be a lot of fun. Keep us company on our green pilgrimage, welcome to our ‘’

5 thoughts on “Shell shock?”

    1. Thanks, James, we are investigating solar panels with varying degrees of success and I have started to research wood-burning stoves for central heating; this looks very do-able and of course importantly eco-friendly, value for money and of course aesthetically pleasing!!

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