Day 3 – Blog Day 14 – new home

Thank you to everyone who has commented. Yes, Dave, definitely a guest room and you’re welcome anytime (well, once completed!). Barbara, you are one of my inspirations – I would love to show your beautiful handicraft on this site so let me have photos.

As the title suggests, Chris and I are very new to the blog experience but hope that our much more ‘techy’ friends and relatives will help us out over the next few months. The background for the house is that we completed the sale on May 21st, collected the keys and let ourselves into our new domain – we were not alarmed by the challenges that lay ahead; new roof, damp proofing for rising damp, new electrics (only one socket in most of the rooms!!), re-configuring stairs, raising/lowering floors (depends upon our plans and designs), insulating to new standards and ‘greening’ the property as much as possible. Luckily we don’t have to live in the property while all this change takes place – a blessing and a frustration in equal measure. The up side is obvious, not having to live in mess and chaos (we’ve done that before) but another unexpected upside is that being away from the house allows you to think a little more rationally (barely suppressed splutters from those who know me well). The time away has meant that Chris and I have considered our ideas and discussed them with the family which means that ‘raw’ ideas can be refined or rejected.

Our son, David, suggested that we keep a visible chart of our spending on this project and this is something we will try to set up and maintain – just to let you know we have already spent £1.00 on ‘Green Your Home’ by Sarah Beeny (a charity shop find), a pair of beautiful brass bath taps for £5.00 (thank you Oxfam for your half price shelf) and a £32.00 water butt from B&Q (only £28.80 after we used our over 60’s Diamond Card).

Obviously the book has been read from cover to cover, the brass taps will be incorporated into the new bathroom plan in due time but the water butt is already in use and on its first two days ‘in situ’ was full to overflowing (it being unseasonably wet for the end of May and continuing so into June). Some of the plans we have discussed include a bio-mass boiler for heating, solar panels and water re-cycling (this is where Chris will come into his own). I feel sure that ‘greywater’ isn’t nearly so unappealing, or grubby, as it sounds! On the other hand (and I have Barbara to thank for this) I am envisaging a beautiful oak conservatory/extension for the back of the house – well, we’ll see and so will you if you keep following and contributing to our progress.

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