A slow start but …

It is exactly four weeks since we completed on the new house and due to monetary constraints (the funds haven’t materialised yet – which is pretty constraining in anyone’s book), we have been forced to mull over ideas and ‘dreams’ for the new house.

This has been a most productive period in terms of the general direction in which we want to head with the renovation project and some of my more grandiose schemes have been shelved but less expensive and hopefully greener alternatives have emerged as the front runners.

So, instead of having a beautiful oak framed conservatory from Prime Oak – check out their inspirational website at http://www.primeoak.co.uk ; we agreed over a cup of coffee at The Ropewalk this afternoon that we would get a local architect to draw up plans for a similar extension. Going with the green and local ideals this would seem to sit much more easily with our whole aim to create a greener home.  This particular insight hit us forcefully earlier today when we were investigating the price of solar panels – as I had been contacted by The Big Green company on the telephone we thought we would make an appointment with one of their surveyors to look at No. 9. We were shocked to discover that the price for similar LG PV panels would be twice as expensive as the ones we had put on the family house last September; this spurred us into action and we will be contacting the local Grimsby firm, Solar 365, who supplied and fitted them with a view to purchasing similar ones for No. 9. We were very pleased with the work and professionalism of the people at 365 and would recommend them to anyone who lives in North Lincolnshire – http://www.365solar.co.uk.

It is always well to do your homework before committing funds, as we have just found out – there is a great variation in costs! I will be providing some excellent links to help with this minefield very shortly, so watch out and please contribute your knowledge and experience with the solar industry. I will also be incorporating an ongoing spreadsheet showing the costs of this project; it will include everything from the essential to the trivial or bizarre! Keep following us – more photos next time.

6 thoughts on “A slow start but …”

  1. New house? I hope it’s all going really well. Solar panels are currently bleeding us dry as we’re paying for the loan for them but British Gas are dragging their heels doing their end so we are still not sure when we’re going to see any of the feed in tariff.

    1. Hi Maz, yes, Chris and I bought a ‘doer upper’ in Barton as the big house despite being big is not big enough for 7 of us! Hence the need for growing room – and of course a project. So, the house has been repossessed and has been empty for a year but was obviously well-loved previously but now in need of some renovating. It needs a new roof and all the electrics renewed (only one socket in some rooms) and there is rising damp; after this we have plans to make it into a cosy home for the two of us and we will welcome lovely friends to stay so consider yourselves invited. Chris and I have made a commitment to make this house as green as possible not only in its end product but as part of the process so we wanted a blog to get as much help from people as possible and to share our exciting adventure over the next 18 months (this is how long we reckon it will be until it is ready to move in).

      I am very interested in your ‘problems’ with the solar panel loan – I know the Feed In Tariff (FIT) pays out every quarter but what I want to find out is whether that is a pre-designated quarter ie: March,June, Sept, December or a quarter from the point that your solar panels were commissioned. Like you we haven’t had a bean yet from the FIT so I will be pursuing this myself – I’ll let you know.

      1. Thanks for the invitation 🙂 We’re torn at the moment about getting a new boiler fitter – the sums say we should but it’s another big commitment hot on the heels of the panels. Tough decisions and a gamble on how long we can keep getting parts for the old one.

  2. Sounds exciting Stephanie. Definitely more work than me attempting to put a shelf up (bloomin’ Victorian walls!)

    1. Hi Megan – lovely to hear from you. Glad to hear that your major renovations are going as well as ours – the changes Stephanie has in mind will take the roof off if she’s not careful. She hasn’t got down to the shelf stage yet. Whilst we chat about changes I wonder just how much (how little) of the original building will remain standing. {Chris}

    2. Meg, just checking in with you. Shelves can be pesky. Did you get the lovely Mr Richard Bedwell around to help he is pretty wizard at fixing up shelves (had plenty of practice at Sausage Toast Porridge).

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