Solar Panels plus …

Before going on holiday we had booked in 365 Solar (based in Grimsby) to come and assess the house for all the Green Deal offers that we could apply for. We obviously spoke about PV Panels as they are a real boon at Prospect House and we were surprised to hear that you can get panels that would match in with our slate roof. Of course, the question had to be asked “How much?” and inevitably this option is much more expensive it also means that our roofer will have to work with and around the installation – if we go down this route. We’ll let you know!

We have also submitted our initial outline plans to the Council and they have been really helpful but it looks as if we will need Planning Permission for the initial ideas we have proposed. Next time we will try to show our ideas so you can all have a look.

Before work of any sort can begin on the roof we have had to have the electricity wires coming into the house from the pole outside insulated so that the roofers can work safely. Northernpowergrid have been helpful and speedy – so many thanks to them. We still have had no reply to the request to have the pole itself moved from its present position which unfortunately is in the way of the driveway! Again, we’ll update you all.

Whilst we are writing I would like to say a big thank you to Becky and Martin (Bancycapel – Carmarthen) who provided us with a Stompa bunkbed for the grandchildren to use once the house is ready to live in!! It is obvious that we have our priorities right as we have got the grandchildren sorted out first.

Keep following and please add lots of useful ideas and comments please.