Phew – how time flies …

So, where have we been for the past few months? Well we submitted our plans for Green Lane; these were beautifully drawn up by Phil Bingham (many thanks, Phil) and we were delighted to hear that they had been passed in the first week of December 2014 but at this time not only were we knee deep in baubles and Christmas pudding but my Dad was in hospital and our daughter was extremely unwell and signed off work.

You’ll be glad to know that both Dad and daughter are now well recovered and after a great family Christmas Chris and I decided to jump in at the deep end and move into our ‘renovation project’ and do all the work whilst living here! Yup, I know, Chris and I had talked it over, discussed the pros and cons, determined on a sensible course – we would move in after we had renovated so that all the mess and disruption would not have to be endured on a daily basis – yet we still decided to move in before work started!

Well, the decision was partly forced on us by ‘Time Team’! As I just wrote, our planning was granted but we had a couple of points regarding the fact that our home is in an area of historical interest so any building work is subject to investigation if any artefacts or bones are uncovered. We are very happy to comply with the regulations but it altered our ideas as we felt we might need to reconsider our original plans.

So we moved in! Updates and progress will be in the next entry – I promise not to leave it too long.

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