Day 5 – progress but still LOADS to do!

I’m glad you’re all keeping up with the one week ‘dash’ to complete as much as we can before the ‘children’ arrive! We are just about to sit down and eat having achieved a fair bit today. So, look at what we have done …

Chris put up the plasterboard for the new en-suite – to protect everyone’s modesty as we could all see the toilet and shower!!
Just like the rest of the house the wall has been insulated – not just for warmth but also for noise insulation – if you get my drift.
As we have really run out of time (not an excuse) we are having to modify the plans and then return to the original plans in early January when the boys and Mariery have returned to Panama. So, Chris has put a door onto the en-suite space – this will be walled up later on but will be used by us all for the next 5 weeks.
Meanwhile I unpacked the new double bed – in preparation for our first visitors in the newly revamped ‘guest room’ – the instructions suggested that it is best if two people make the bed; but it was only little old me available.
Stage 1 – unpack and count the contents before reading all the instructions, identifying the pats and of course, laying them all out neatly. Cute little spanner, hey?
So far, so good.
Looking good and I checked that it was ‘square’ – all good, now the tricky part…
Having turned the bed on its side in order to attach the base fabric, I then turned my attention to the ‘pneumatics’ of this ottoman bed. That part was not too bad but you can see me ‘wrestling’ with the bed slats. This was really hard work so I called in Chris – hooray! He managed two rows but then I resorted to another method and managed the rest on my own – let’s hope that Mariery and James don’t fall through the bedframe!
My hero! I got Chris to try out the opening and closing mechanism – all was well, phew, hooray! I love Chris’s balletic style, he learnt it all from Mr Christopher Howes.
By early evening I had managed to really ‘make the bed’ – only took me all day! I put up the new curtains and the bedspread that I made with bits of remnants from the curtains and five fat quarters. I think it looks quite cosy and country.
Another view of the ‘new’ room. The door to the right (yes, I know, it needs a door) will be the entrance and the door to the left will be the walk in wardrobe (snug) and eventually another door into the en-suite. I upcycled the dressing table and painted it in Dulux Timeless Classics, colour ‘Pressed Thistle’ – the chair I showed a couple of days ago is still in the process of being finished for this room – might get it done before the family arrive!
To the left of the bed Chris has made a storage area that extends over the staircase – so jolly useful for all sorts of things. Eventually it will have a door – eventually!















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