Day 7 – (definitely) – feeling quite smug

We have worked ourselves to a standstill but we have managed to get the top of the house up to visitor standard. The grandchildren were round earlier and Daisy sniffed derisively “I don’t like the grey, Gran, paint it blue” Crikey, everyone’s a critic. Now we are all washed up and presentable and ready to pick up James and Mariery from Doncaster Station.

As my Dad always put it so poetically – “After the Lord Mayor’s Show comes the …. cart” Well, this was Chris’s ‘after show’. All the tools that were needed over the past few weeks were assembled this morning straight after breakfast ready to store in the shed.
Nice try, Chris but I don’t think that you’ll get all those tools in those three toolboxes!
Bathroom clear and ready for cleaning – I didn’t have time to paint the door but I did manage the left hand side doorframe – still there’s always tomorrow!
Not bad – all cleared ready for dusting and vacuuming – no, I’m just showing off, a quick flick around will do!
In the bathroom a rather intriguing space left by the original bath – hmmm, I wonder if I could add a Roman Mosaic before they arrive?
Preparations for tomorrow – I have postponed Stir up Sunday until tomorrow so that Mariery and James can join in the fun. Apparently they also want to make pom-poms (not sure which cook book that comes from but we’ll give it a go!).
Doncaster in the rain! So good to see them both – Chris was so emotional he had camera shake. Now only to get these two home and do a big catch up.

After a ‘diverting’ journey home which the Sat Nav couldn’t cope with we got in and found that these two had some great ideas for their stall at The Illustration Fair, South Bank, London – a 3D jaguar – I’m not sure that North Lincs. is up to this but we’ll give it a go – keep watching for screaming jaguars and pom-poms!

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