January Round up – Happy New Year!

My apologies for this very late New Year greeting but it has been a busy although not necessarily industrious month so, let’s get on with the information and update!P1160601 P1160599

Fun and Games with Uncle James. So much more relaxing after Christmas and time to really enjoy playing together. Senor Bocon – great gift from the Uncles. Good choice!

P1160588 P1160587 P1160586 P1160585

On the other hand – Uncle David definitely raised the heart rate with some funky work outs. Everyone braving the elements – particularly David with his shorts!

P1160631 P1160630

We both felt rather flat once James, David and Mariery left on the 5th January so small jobs were the order of the day. Before Christmas James helped his Dad put in the work surface but Chris then lined up the cupboards and put in a new kick board. We are making  the kitchen look more coordinated as it will be the one place in the house that we have to live with the longest and will be the last place to renovate on our ‘to do’ list.

P1160821 P1160817

In the interests of ‘beautifying’ our kitchen and dining area we put up some lovely gifts we had received over Christmas: beautiful prints from Mariery and James – thank you, hand coloured drawings of Hastings from Ollie and Toby – lovely work boys,  colours of Scotland from Heather – thanks, we put these up in time for Burns’ Night! Neeps, tatties, Haggis and a few drams – perfect.


I am the House Renovator’s Nemesis – put this lovely bath in – check.

Take this lovely bath out – really?

Yes – really!

Okay. (Patient husband then fitted another bath – anyone want an almost new bath?)


Original cushions unpicked and used as patterns for the new covers – rather charming blancmange pink!


Just to show that I have not been sitting around on my ‘proverbial’ I renovated and re-upholstered a chair for Hannah. I re-used some curtain fabric and re-used all the piping cord.


Finished! Not too bad I think.


Chris putting in the new plumbing for the shower – notice Chris’s behind in the mirror!

P1160695 P1160697

The holes for the controls for the new shower. Good and careful work, Chris.


Only all these bits to put together – now, where did I put those instructions?

P1160699 P1160700

…….. oh, yes, and all these as well.


A really lovely job, Chris. Just to let you know the shower(s) work beautifully and not a leak in sight.


Now for the extra electrics – this will be for the new light that is going in over the sink.


Ta dah! Looks lovely and works well.


The trusty sewing machine was going well – just two of the curtains that Hannah needed for Prospect House. I made three sets of curtains and two individual blinds. All re-worked from up-cycled fabric. Waste not want not!


Lidl came up trumps again when we bought an under cabinet light for only £6.80 – ‘just another small job, Chris’.


Must be catching! Matthew has created this great little Lego building – it eventually became a lighthouse!

P1160773 P1160781

Down time with Madeleine and Matthew – lots of creativity with Lego as well as healthy snacks!


In our spare time we decided to sort out the enormous storage box of Lego – hmmm, I wonder how long this will last?

P1160742 P1160729

It’s not all fun and games! Matthew reading from his lovely gift from his Mum – ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ – he loves it and reads really well. Madeleine here is about half way through her entry for the BBC 2 500 word story competition.

P1160745 P1160761

Weekend with the grandchildren also involved a visit to The Deep in Hull, this is an amazing place and all the children love it. I feel sure it will inspire Mariery when she moves here.


What a find. A complete Berlitz language set for a £1.00! Chris is busy using it to improve his Spanish. Muy bien!


More charity shop finds – these are for Mariery and James’s new studio when they get here! We particularly love the little pottery dinosaur – might keep this! We found these in Peterborough when we spent a couple of days away – a nice city with a great cathedral. We found out all sorts of interesting facts about Catherine of Aragon who is buried there. We found a great little gallery/shop called Art in the Heart – check out the website.

P1160813 P1160811

On arriving back in Barton we found ourselves in the middle of a sleet and hail storm – looks like snow, hey?


My Mum and Dad came round for tea – it was a great afternoon. Lovely to see my Dad so engaged and jolly.

2 thoughts on “January Round up – Happy New Year!”

  1. you guys are a force of nature, whirling along and leaving beauty and grace in your paths 🙂 the boys got such a kick out of seeing their pictures up with your ‘grown up artists’, thank you

  2. Hi Maz, Matt, Toby and Ollie – so glad you follow the progress. We are just starting another phase of ‘development’. We are also thrilled to have the boys’ art work on the wall – it really adds to our home.

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