The long March

Well, before James and Mariery arrive on Thursday evening in the now Spring-like climes of North Lincolnshire I thought I would post some of our achievements – and here I use the word ‘we’ advisedly as my brilliant husband has done most of the hard slog and I have merely organised, made lists, done family stuff and ordered things online – tee hee.


The half finished and new soil pipe is in situ, it looks quite simple but it involved some very hard work in not only taking out the old (very old) stack and then create new holes for both the toilets. The one that is shown here is for the main bathroom but Chris has also to create a new hole for the waste from the new en-suite.


Here it is – the new hole from the en-suite. Chris was in seventh heaven as he got to use a really massive drill piece. Actually, this is quite ‘arty’.


This part was fun! Chris had to climb the ladder in order to put in the final last piece of the soil stack, hold the drill and ‘manhandle’the pipe into position. I helped by passing things up and regularly asking ‘Are you okay?’ – I was being supportive!

Position one for the main bathroom toilet – hmmm, maybe not! Aaah, in front of the window, that is better. Looking good and Madeleine officially opened the facility!

At the end of February I posted my progress with the renovated chair from my sister. Here is the cushion made with furnishing foam, an old duvet and covered in half of a pair of curtains from the British Red Cross. The first photo is the back of the seat with the recycled buttons and the second photo shows the lovely new addition of black and white spotted buttons.


The finished article, not only does it fit in beautifully with the colour scheme in the front bedroom but it is very comfortable.


Of course the littlest grandchildren are not to be left out with the building efforts – here we have the plastic cup construction. Well done you two.


Look at this – incorporating a corner too! Notice the natty flag. Fantastic Matthew!


Madeleine was thrilled to be the winner of the castle building project at school. Good taste as she chose the M&S choccies from the selection of prizes!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above you can see the progress with the demolition of the original elements of the bathroom that will now become the new en-suite.

Such a lot of mess and fine brickdust as Chris knocked through the doorway into the wardrobe area that joins the new guest room. The door lintel was already in place as we had this done in December. Chris managed to contain most of the dust and mess by incarcerating himself into the sealed area – this was mostly successful. Thank you darling. The second photo shows the doorway through into the guest bedroom and the space between the two doorways will be a new walk in wardrobe (small but perfect!).

For those of you who had difficulty recognising the dust monster it is in fact Chris! The first photo shows Chris’s Heath Robinson answer to constant grit in the eyes – yup, cling film and masking tape! He is nothing if not inventive.


The colour of the bath water from Chris’s quick wash off after knocking down walls.

I have filled and painted the walls in the back room (what I like to call the study!) – the colour is Buttermilk but it has turned out a little yellow – nice, but a little yellow. In order to tidy the clutter and re-organise files, photos and books I ordered Ikea Billy bookcases – easy to make and they take a ton of stuff!


Now, that’s what I like to see – all neat and tidy. Now, only the doors to put on.


Aaagh! This is not what I want to see – more dust and a great big dust monster.


As you know I am walking 10,000 steps a day throughout March in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK – This was just after I had walked to Tesco one morning. So far I have walked in excess of 120,000 steps – not that it appears to have made much difference to my waistline (perhaps I’d best not eat too much cake). Anyone willing to sponsor me please go to my Just Giving page – Stephanie Bloomfield – I am already halfway to my target.




2 thoughts on “The long March”

  1. Remember Arthur Haynes – up to his eyes in muck and bullets. I know just how he felt. It is certainly true that Stephanie stops me getting bored with all her ideas. On the other hand, the walls are constantly being bored.

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