Bathrooms (bodging), Birthdays, Baking, B&Bs and Blooms

Apologies – it has been an age since I wrote anything for the blog. So, hopefully, this post will update all the action for the last two months. Hang on to your hats for a swift passage through these last few hectic weeks!

So, we’ll start “at the very beginning, a very good place to start ..” but in fact joining up with the last post where we left James and Mariery ensconced in their new home together in Hastings. Following this the final member of the Panamanian club returned to the UK and christened James and Mariery’s flat with its first visitor! Chris and I followed down to Winchelsea for a long weekend with Madeleine and Matthew – great larks, lots of laughs, sentimental walks, beach-combing and family bonding.

We all met up at The De La Warr Pavilion – everyone on time! We had lots of chats and catch up over delicious coffees, David and James caught up with some friends and a good time was had by all.

Battle Great Woods was a sentimental day out – long walks between the towering trees and through the bluebell carpets and into shaded woodland bedecked with Wood Anemones and Celandine. The grandchildren made stick shelters ably assisted by Grandad and swung dangerously and delightedly high on rope swings.

2016-05-02 15.26.04

Boys on the way back home after a lovely Bank Holiday weekend away.

2016-05-02 15.26.28

Girls on the way back home after a wonderful weekend away – everyone looks tired!

Back home the garden has been quietly breaking into bloom – so delicate and so beautiful.

However, we have also been doing some seeding and sprouting ourselves; here we have the courgettes ready for the allotment, the surprising walnut tree that I planted after a cheeky squirrel deposited it on our patio and even more surprising, an amazing avocado plant that I grew from the stone. I have never been able to grow one to this size before …

So, May continues and Madeleine had been revising ratios in Maths at school and decided to not only complete the ‘recipe ratio’ worksheet but also cook the cakes and explore just how much Maths was involved in cooking. Don’t you think the little gingerbread cupcakes are adorable? The cupcakes were also gingery, really delicious.


As if it isn’t bad enough that your grandparents and Mum are teachers now your Uncle has to get in on the act. Both ‘boys’ enjoying a good story before Matthew goes off to school and Uncle David sweats it out in the gym (too much brain work not good for PTs!

We’ve done B for Battle Great Woods, B for baking, B for boys, B for books, B for blooms now it is B for buttering (and B for bread, of course). Daisy (the youngest granddaughter) is always keen to help, especially as it is Gramps’s birthday (see, another B).

Daisy is duly consulted about who should blow out the candles and she thinks it really should be Gramps who does the honours. One, two, three, blow …. not only extinguishing the candles but also blowing white chocolate flakes over the table! Great effort, Gramps! B for birthday and B for Mary Berry Very Chocolatey Cake.P1170433

Happy 88th Birthday, Daddy. Congratulations Mummy and Daddy on your 65th Wedding Anniversary. Looking good you two x

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Here are just some of the lovely things that go on in our garden in Barton upon Humber – fun things, relaxing things and growing things. P1170364

Just another thing that happens in our garden – Matthew and Grandad putting together the new garden bench – yup, another B.P1170360

Someone else has been busy building in our garden – behind the water butt and on top of the wood from the house renovation a pair of blackbirds have built a cosy nest.

2016-06-03 09.38.22

In the half term holidays at the start of June we had a few days away in Pevensey – we took down more stuff for Mariery and James (I am not sure where they are going to put it!) and we stayed in a really lovely B&B called The Limes – well worth a visit. Whilst we were down near Hastings we stayed with Barbara and celebrated her birthday along with lots of really lovely friends. Happy Birthday Barbara – more Bs.

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So we happily set sail into June with lots of birthdays (more Bs), first was Barbara’s on June 2nd, Suzanne’s on June 6th and then Madeleine’s on June 13th – due to her birthday falling not only on a school day but also a Monday the celebrations started on Friday 10th June (trying to outdo the Queen in terms of birthday events I think) with a sleepover and a Totoro cake commissioned by the Birthday Girl herself. The guests all decorated yet more cakes which can be seen in the tin – well done all you creative souls. This was followed by a sleepover with us and a visit to see Gramps at Crosshills ( a lovely photo to follow). On Monday morning before going to school a birthday croissant was an absolute must and finally we wrapped up the day with birthday tea with Grandma and the family – of course more cake was needed so Victoria Sponge a la Mary Berry was the crowning glory. Felt fairly baked out after that!Crosshills

June 12th 2016. Beautiful – the joy of families.

Well this is the B for Bathroom as in tiling the bathroom and also I am ashamed to confess my B for bodging – please note the judicious use of a toothbrush to hold the tiles in place. Chris was delighted – he has won at last and got me to use a bodge. I hang my head in shame! Psssst but it worked.

Chris had a really great idea about our friend, Heather Parry who has recently won an award as a promising young writer – Well done, Heather! To celebrate this Chris made a lovely Blue Plaque for her – tee hee, very naughty! Even funnier was the number of people that stopped to read it …


In  between visiting us and dropping David off, Heather also attended a Hindu wedding before finally disappearing with our youngest son to sunny Edinburgh.

2016-06-13 09.56.51

B for boxes – after staying for a few days Heather and David took with them lots of frozen produce from the garden and the allotment so Chris being the inventive little person he is made them a cool box lined with wall insulation! B for garden bounty.


On June 18th Matthew had his 9th birthday at Legoland so I made a picnic hamper filled with party goodies including these little cupcakes so that they could celebrate ‘al fresco’ in Windsor. More Bs – birthday buns!! He has had such fun this month as he not only turned 9 but he got his dojo at school for great reading and he has been looking after our neighbour, Ursula’s chickens and proudly bearing home the eggs they have laid. Well done Matthew.

Back to bathrooms – well, technically an en suite but it did not start with B! Chris has installed all the electrics and the grid for the underfloor heating – lucky visitors.


I just thought I would end with this lovely photo of my Mum and Dad – we love you.

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  1. Well, what a lovely eventful couple of months. I can picture you beaming from ear to ear having everyone in the same country at the same time 😊

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