Family Fun, Furnishings, Foreign Fields, Fencing, Fixing, Flowering and Fruitfulness – phew! Part I

Family Fun – well, we had to start off in May with a fun event at The People’s Theatre in Scunthorpe. It was a great show and we did not ‘dribble on the dragon’. Much to Matthew and Daisy’s delight Grandad was  looking in quite the wrong direction when approached by one of the main characters! Paying close attention – as usual!

Family Fun has always got to include getting wet – and since we had managed not to ‘dampen the dragon’ instead we decided to ‘dunk the grandchildren’. Well done Grandad for heaving all the warm water up the garden from the kitchen.

Furnishings – first take the large bolster from an old futon bed and a charity find curtain and then make them into a slimmer and longer bolster cushion for the back of Hannah’s settee (that has a low back; so uncomfortable for the neck)


Assemble all tools – insides of old bolster, large kitchen knife, extra wadding and fine fabric to encase modified bolster cushion. So professional!

Recycling the zip from the old futon bolster and the piping from the old sofa bed (shown in all its recovered glory later on in the blog), I made up the cover for the new bolster.

Job done – looking pretty nice and I was very pleased to have modified each end with the hem edging from the old curtain and just enough left over to make a fab cushion cover to help pull the whole look together when it goes into Hannah’s front room.

Very on trend – very contemporary.

More Furnishing Firsts – take a charity shop tub chair from IKEA and recover it in stretchy denim to enhance Chris’s Music Room.

Couldn’t resist recovering a cushion with some brilliant Orla Kiely fabric! I hope Chris appreciates the aesthetics!!


Fields! Well not exactly a field as this is our allotment near the Humber Bridge. This is now much greener – especially the weeds!!


Fruitfulness This is the start of the Strawberry crop and the development of the Raspberries. Thanks go to David for ‘helping’ to prune these earlier this year!


Scrumptious strawberries – now what to do with them? What about making them into jam ready for a few entries into the Barton Allotment Show in July – good idea, Stephanie.


“A few more strawberries from the garden, Gran” “Thanks, Daisy, just what I needed!”

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