Part II – Foreign Fields, Fencing, Fruitfulness, Fixing, Flowering – and finally the FWord!

Foreign Fields – I am sure that all of you will have noticed that these photos do NOT show foreign fields but they do show Madeleine doing research and work on her diary following a school trip to Boppard in Germany. Foreign Fields to follow….

Ja, das ist wunderbar

I hope you spotted the ‘foreign field’ which fascinated Madeleine because it was so neat.

Some of Madeleine’s favourite places – The Schokolade Museum Lindt! Of course!

Meanwhile back in Barton upon Humber Chris had taken up fencing – no, not swordplay. Less like Errol Flynn and more like Donald Trump – putting up fencing!


Down with the old and up with the new but first of all he had to hack down all the small trees and bushes that were rampaging either side of the original fence.

Great job, Chris.

We kept the old fence in place until the new one was up in order to preserve our privacy and the security of our garden as the pathway outside is well used.

The old fence panels have been recycled (after I stripped them of the ivy) and they are now part of Wes and Rosa’s garden and will also be used in Hannah’s garden at Prospect House – just another job, Chris, don’t hang about, darling.

As you can see, I not only stripped off the ivy, leaving a really good fence panel ready to be re-used but I have also been painting the fence. I kept wishing I was Tom Sawyer and that I could fob the job off onto someone else – any volunteers? We have the other side to do as well!

Aah, what is this? Well, it’s a delivery by James from Barton Builders of slate chippings – a tonne of them. So, many chips off the old block! My latest idea for garden beautification and yet another job for Chris …

To be fair I had dug over, weeded and de-rooted (is there such a term?) the patch of earth in front of the new fence panels in preparation for Operation Slate.

Chris custom made edging and posts before putting down the plastic weed suppressant ready for shovelling in a tonne of slate chippings. So good for his core strength.

Notice the little ramp that Chris created in order to run the wheelbarrow over before tipping it onto the prepared area. Starting to look really good. I had already painted the garden picnic bench to contrast strongly with the pale colour on the fence.

This rather old but very serviceable wooden bookshelf was being thrown out by my Mum’s neighbour, Harold, so we took it off his hands and I painted it to match the picnic bench. I have now filled the shelves with herbs and lots of pots of wild strawberries ready to plant outside the fence to add to the greenery beside the public pathway.


More recycled stuff to paint up and add to the garden. Madeleine busy finishing a House banner for school Sports Day – Go Ancholme House!

Festivities – Madeleine’s 13th birthday – a teenager! Birthday tea with the family.

Frozen – Summer is finally here and so are the lollies. Very lovely watermelon ones from the Co-op. Chris behaving as usual!

Flowers, Food and Friendly Folk. Despite editing and producing and distributing The Barton Allotment Society Newsletter we almost missed the date but here are just a few of the photos from a lovely afternoon spent with some really lovely people  Barton Allotment

As summer continues it becomes clear that we need a gazebo, obviously Daisy is on hand to help Grandad.


Paddling pool out and granddaughter wet.

Flowering – the garden is starting to look like a lush paradise. The new fence with its beautiful seaside blue shade of paint really sets off the greenery. How lucky are we.

Remember those strawberries? Well Daisy as usual wanted to help so here she is squashing the strawberries in the Maslin pan in preparation for starting off the jam.IMG_20170628_133011

So, Strawberry Jam made – two jars already consumed (one of those with lovely scones and clotted cream), one given to Great Grandma, one jar to Heather and David – leaving six jars and a lone jar of Redcurrant Jelly (currants courtesy of Ursula our next door but two neighbour).

Fair weather temporarily in abeyance – just as well for us as all five of our water butts were pretty empty. They are now full along with various containers – in total over 500 litres. Water conservation in extremis! So good for the garden as you can see in the following photographs.


No reason for these photos except I really like them and I really love the subjects x



Family pride here. As you may know, Heather Parry (David’s partner) is a recognised and already published writer and here is her latest offering. Well done, Heather. To contact 404INK:

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Or follow Heather on:


Many thanks for reading the latest post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please comment – I like to get the feedback.

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  1. I have now read it all! I have been compared to Donald Trump – that’s fake news and I’m going to sack the blog writer.

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